Okanogan-Valley-Winter-Roundup Annual Fellowship Weekend of AA Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Alateen in north-central Washington State since 1999


The Okanogan Valley Winter Roundup is an annual event of Fellowship for men and women in recovery that promotes enthusiasm for living the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon and Alateen in Omak, Washington.

We adhere to the Steps and Traditions of AA and Al-Anon Family Groups. In keeping with the 7th Tradition we are self-supporting through registration fees, raffle tickets and donations. No AA funds are used to pay for this event (facility rental, food and beverage, printing for flyers and program schedules, postage, and many other costs.) Prices are kept as low as possible to meet our financial goal of breaking even.

2019 will be our 21st year! And it only happens with lots of volunteer effort. We would love to have you on our team. The 2019 Organizing Committee usually begins meeting monthly by April. Please email or write to volunteer.

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Our general e-address is info@OkanoganValleyRoundup.com

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Okanogan Valley Roundup
               PO Box 3873
               Omak, WA 98841

Where are the Contact Phone #s?

Unlike Roundup email addresses and a Post Office box for letters, we don't have an organization phone number. While we have put our committee members' home phone numbers on the website in the past, now they are only on the paper registration form that we snail mail to past attendees (well, USPS prefers 'classic mail'.) This is more in keeping with the 11th Tradition, which says to "...always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films." We figure the internet is like a mix of all three.

If you are reading this, then you likely have an email account you can use to contact us--at least initially. If you have only sporadic computer access, send us an email with your phone number and let us know the best times to call you.

Why wasn't the Roundup in January/in Omak in 2018?

Two reasons, basically. One is that people began to come forward to be on the Organizing Committee a bit later than usual, which necessitated pushing back the date. It's usually been in January, but March 23-25 still made it a Winter-ish Roundup--there was some snow. ;-)

As for the town, yes, until 2018 we'd been in the adjoined towns of Omak/Okanogan, which are centrally located in Okanogan County. Winthrop, WA is in the southwestern part of the county, in the Methow Valley. It's about 52 miles and an hour and 10 minute drive from Omak.

We weren't looking to move the event to a different part of the County, we just couldn't find a facility that was large enough to hold our group and could do it comfortably. A couple places were big enough to gather in, but were either not heated well or did not allow a cup of coffee or water in the meeting areas.

We realize it meant a commute or a hotel stay for people from the central county (and even farther for those in the north county) but we didn't see an alternative. (Be sure to volunteer for the 2019 Committee if you have a better option in central Ok County. :-)

Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop has large and comfortable meeting areas, great public spaces (a library, games room, hospitality room), and you can have a beverage and snacks in meeting rooms and public spaces. The grounds are lovely. They have a chef and kitchen staff to do group meals--plural (3 on Saturday and Sunday breakfast, not just Saturday dinner)...and the chef is used to preparing vegan and gluten-free foods. Also, the Lodge agreed to discount all 116 rooms for us (the only hotel that big in Omak doesn't have a large conference space).

We look forward to the feedback from those who went this year and those who did not.
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We're looking forward to seeing you in 2019 for our 21st annual Winter Roundup -- time and place TBA




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